Creating iTunes Plus AAC files – How To

You can use the “Mastering For iTunes” droplet available on apple’s website.

I did need to modify the script to run on Yosemite/ El Capitan, but it’s fairly trivial:

  • Show the package contents of the app in Finder (Applications/ Utilities/ Master for iTunes Droplet).
  • Navigate to Contents/ Resources/ Scripts
  • Open main.scpt
  • Update system version compare lines to “10.10” (there are two lines that need this change):

    if systemVersion is less than “10.10” then

  • Save main.scpt

Now you can simply drag and drop your FLAC or WAV files onto the droplet and it will create an intermediate CAFF file followed by the iTunes Plus AAC file.


For those interested, it looks like the afconvert subroutines use the following commands (note these are pulled out of context of the code and will not run as-is):


  • if the sampleRate is greater than “44100”:

afconvert -d LEF32@44100 -f caff –soundcheck-generate –src-complexity bats -r 127

  • else

afconvert -d 0 -f caff –soundcheck-generate


afconvert -d aac -f m4af -u pgcm 2 –soundcheck-read -b 256000 -q 127 -s 2



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